Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a proven means of keeping your equipment working in tip top shape. You can’t afford “down-time” or the loss of perishable inventory, because of a minor or preventable mechanical problem with your cooling system. To avoid unnecessary downtime, we recommend one of our affordable preventative maintenance programs.

Lindsey Refrigeration’s offers maintenance programs that are designed to insure your refrigeration units operate dependably and consistently. They also ensure that the equipment operates under optimal conditions which ensures the safety of your food or contents; and operating efficiency.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Nobody wants to spend time in the sweltering heat. Whether your business is commercial or retail in nature, you need your commercial air conditioning to function optimally when it’s hot outside. If you can’t remember the last time you had a maintenance call for your air conditioning equipment, it’s time to call. Don’t wait for your cooling system to break down. Call today for your maintenance appointment and ask about getting on a regular maintenance plan to keep your air conditioning systems operating smoothly and efficiently.

Prevention versus Repair

Any business owner that requires his commercial refrigeration or air conditioning equipment to operate reliably for many years needs to realize that preventive maintenance is a must. When equipment is frequently having issues, breaking down or doesn’t meet company needs and expectations, it is usually due to the fact that there has never been any type of preventative maintenance except for emergency repairs.

Would you drive your car for years without changing the oil and still expect it to perform without breaking down? Any car owner or mechanic will tell you that if you don’t maintain your car, it will break down. And it will be much more expensive to fix your broken car than it would be to maintain it on a regular basis. Your commercial refrigeration equipment and air conditioning system are no different than your car. Once broken down, you can expect loss of potential revenue as well as repair expenses. If you would like your equipment to last as long as possible while performing efficiently and effectively, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is a must!

If you don’t currently have an equipment maintenance plan for your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning equipment, you won’t get optimal results and longevity from it. To get started, call today for an appointment. We’ll be glad to assess your equipment and set you up on a plan to help safeguard your equipment and your investment.

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Part of Lindsey Refrigeration’s maintenance plan is to check all commercial refrigeration and HVAC filters and replace those that need it.

Filter Change.

Here you see one of our professional HVAC technicians troubleshooting an HVAC/R unit to provide proper maintenance.

HVACR Troubleshooting.

Lindsey Refrigeration offers complete comprehensive maintenance plans that include HVAC troubleshooting and maintenance as shown.

HVAC Maintenance & Repair.

Lindsey Refrigeration offers maintenance plans for you ice machine.  Proper maintenance (as shown) helps to increase the longevity of your ice making equipment.

Ice Machine Maintenance.